Parent Education Programmes
We are very keen on keeping in touch with our parents. It is important that parents are aware of the activities and work their children do at school and are supportive of the school's initiatives. Parents are encouraged to contribute to the school's pool of knowledge and skills. The school therefore regularly organises awareness programmes on curriculum, child development and education for parents.

Student Led Conference
Student-led conferences involve the student & the parent and are organized at the end of each semester. The students lead the conference, and take the responsibility to share their learning process with their parents. Students demonstrate their understanding of the units of inquiry through a variety of different learning situations & share their learning process by discussing their portfolios with their parents. Through these conferences students identifies their strengths & areas for improvement. It also enables parents to gain clear insight into the kind of work their child is doing & offers an opportunity for them to discuss it with the child.

Open House
We truly believe that open house is not the time for the parents to meet teachers in-fact; it’s a thoughtful and frequent communication way among teachers & parents where parents can build strong relationships with teacher.

At RIS, parents, students, and teachers are all valued partners in the student learning and progress. To facilitate an open communication at open house the child’s learning journey is reported to the parent and is also provided with effective feedback that can help the parents support their child in  his/her learning.

PTA Meetings
The PTA meetings at school aim to inform parents about the philosophy and pedagogy of the IBO, to address the parents’ FAQs and to keep the parent community in the loop all the time as part of our school community.

Parent Survey
We at RIS believe feedback is the best tool of learning. We encourage feedback at different levels from student-to-student, student-to-teacher, teacher-to-student, teacher-to-parent & parent-to-teacher and that’s why the parent survey is done focusing all the dimensions of RIS.