What is IB-PYP?
ib_logoIB-PYP is an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme. An IB Education prepares your child to succeed in life. Be it self-confidence, research skills, organizational skills or active self-learning. With an out-of-the-box learning technique, an IB Education truly prepares your child to take on the world. RIS has been authorized to deliver the PYP since May’ 2009, making it the first school in Nashik to run this program. The primary section (from to VI) follows the International Baccalaureate Organisation's Primary Years Programme.

Integration of 5 Essentials
The PYP strives for a balance between the search for understanding, the gaining of essential knowledge and skills, the development of positive attitudes and the opportunity for positive action. In terms of achieving this balance, the PYP emphasizes five components of the written curriculum. These are referred to as the essential elements of curriculum and they are as follows:

Creating a significant and relevant content for students to explore & learn, taking into consideration their prior experience and understanding
CONCEPTS Powerful ideas that have relevance within the subject areas but also transcend them and those students must explore and re-explore in order to develop a coherent, in-depth  understanding
SKILLS Those capabilities the students need to demonstrate to succeed in changing, challenging world, which may be disciplinary or trans-disciplinary in nature
ATTITUDES Temperament for fundamental values and beliefs for: Learning, Environment, People & Society
Deeper understanding and learning for responsible behavior through responsible action as a manifestation in practice of the other essential elements

At RIS, We believe that children have an innate sense of wonder and a thirst to understand their world. We recognize that each child is special and unique, with their own individual needs, abilities, talents, preferred ways of doing things and personal ways of making sense of their world. The Primary Years Programme at RIS takes into account the needs of students of differing abilities and backgrounds and seeks to provide for every child an enriching school experience that helps them construct for their learning and encourages them to aspire to achieve academic excellence and their personal best in all areas of endeavor.

It engages students in the learning process since it acknowledges the understanding and skills that individuals bring and invites them to help shape classroom inquiries.  Though Knowledge is a key component, the focus of our curriculum is on Skills, Concepts, and Attitudes which are integrated and transferable across the curriculum domains. The comprehensive inquiry based curriculum through the units of inquiry provides students with opportunities to have a natural curiosity to learn, to explore their surroundings and to take action.

The action component of the PYP involves service in the widest sense of the word: service to fellow students, and to the larger community, both in and outside the school. Through such service, students are able to grow both personally and socially, developing skills such as cooperation, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and creative and critical-thinking.


PYP Exhibition
The Primary Years Program Exhibition represents a significant event in the student life in the Primary school.It is the celebration of the studentís learning process throughout the PYP.It gives students an opportunity to demonstrate the synthesis of the learned concepts,skills,attitudes and acquired knowledge.

The Exhibition is an evidence of collaborative learning practices and student ownership at school.