The secondary section (from 7th to 10th) follows the State Board Curriculum. Students appear for the Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSC) at the end of grade X. There are only 25 students in each class and innovative methods are employed in teaching. Open interaction in Teacher & pupil is encouraged.

The unique features of SSC at RIS are

Focusing skills and attitudes in the daily teaching learning.
Guiding students to deliver their understanding in a structured manner.
Identify student’s strengths and weakness and planning remedial classes.
Using resources beyond classroom walls (through websites, library, lab, guest lectures, field visits)
Organize various learning activities to help students understand conceptually.
Concentrate in developing attributes of learner profile.
Develop various skills by providing platform to take ownership of the activities like Metric Mela, Fun fair etc.
Teachers note the strength and areas of need and provide 1:1 feedback to the parents on the Open house day.
Ongoing training sessions for teachers are making SSC student centered at RIS.
Students are trained to hold themselves accountable for their actions by implementing various systems like the star system.
Student council organizes all the school events, competitions, sport activities on their own. Teachers play the role of a facilitator.
Students counseling sessions are organised to support and guide students on the adolescent issues and concerns.
Counseling sessions are organised for teachers to support students emotionally, to help them deal with adolescent issues and concerns.
The teacher’s role is of a friend, fellow learner, facilitator and guide.