Student Council
The purpose of Student Council at RIS is to promote a sense of pride in school, develop teamwork and to home leadership skills. Student Council is a body of leaders of RIS. With members representing each class, the Student Council is the voice of the students.  They participate and organize school activities, support teachers and students, and facilitate in communication between the student body and the school administration.

At RIS each house is mentored and led by a housemaster / housemistress who functions as a role model. They play the roles of a guardian in the daily lives of the students and are available to counsel and tutor the students. The houses have developed a tradition of healthy competition amongst themselves in all spheres of school life - academic, cultural and sports.

Student Counseling Sessions
There are two vital experiences that affect the personality and development of a child. One is the experiences at home which undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the child and the other is the school environment. Being a primary relationship, the home environment has to be a loving and nurturing environment. Our counseling program begins at home. Therefore we would like to offer certain programs for parents to assist them in the mammoth task of parenting. Sessions are organised with parents, where they can voice their worries & concerns with regard to sexual health awareness amongst their wards.

The learning experiences at school help the child to become a well adjusted personality, able to cope with the challenges in the world. Our counseling program consists of making an educational diagnosis of the students, whereby preventive and corrective measures can be adopted so that they can improve their ways of learning and living. Besides remedial programs, we also take into account enrichment programs that help the students to excel themselves. Variety of services like individual and group counseling, parent-teacher consultation, direct assistance to students as well as one-on-one sessions with the students. These programs are evaluated time to time to meet the exigencies of the students.