ATL Exhibition Was Held in Rasbihari International School

ATL exhibition was held in Rasbihari International School. It gave the students an opportunity to find problems in their surroundings and find a solution to that problem. Students from grade 6 to 8 took part in this exhibition. They made a working model or a prototype of it. They were very enthusiastic while working on these projects. They came across many difficulties while working on the projects like Uploading codes on Arduino, connecting Arduino to the Laptop, using various ports, connecting various components like resister, LED etc. But the event was a wonderful experience for everyone. Some of the projects were – 1) Blind spectacles which will work as a third eye for blinds. 2) Motor boat – To supply help in the form of food and other essentials to the flood affected areas. 3) Smart blind stick – To guide blind people to navigate through their path independently. 4) Digital safety lock – To lock the doors with digital password. Many such projects were part of this exhibition/competition. Mr. Sanjeev Sharma, Coach for Quality Improvement, Nashik was the Judge for this event. He also guided students with his valuable feedback. The winners of the competition were – 1st Position – Blind spectacles Participants – 1) Atharva Lokhande 2) Avinash Majhi 3) Atharva Giri 2nd Position – Motor Boat Participants – 1) Soham Nehte 2) Rudra 3) Anuj Warakhede

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