Discovering New Ways of learning By Rasbihari !

Amidst the outbreak of Covid-19, it has been another year for the schools to remain close. An unprecedented situation through which all have sailed so far. As School, At Rasbihari, the Online platforms were pitched up and used at the very right time. Through the unconditional support of parents and unwavering dedication of the teachers and management the school blended and sailed from offline learning to online learning. Overcoming the challenges of the pandemic, We at Rasbihari explored innovative ways to stay connected with our students and tried our best to keep their learning smooth and unhampered. A few practices that we followed and have became the best practices during the online classes are mentioned below: 

1. Scheduling time for group reading: A time is scheduled for students to interact and share ideas, read aloud so that the reading skills are well introduced. 

2. Flexible learning time: In a few genuine cases where the parents cannot support the child for online class, a flexible time slot is arranged for the student in coordination with teacher and parent. 

3. Scope for submission of assignments: The toddle app facilitates the documentation of assignments and student learning. It also provides flexibility to the students to complete the tasks. 

4. To make resources handy for the parents, we have been providing learning kits to the students of pre-primary and primary students. 

5. Home visits for the tiny tots: An effort to reach out to the preschoolers, home visit are conducted by the Nursery Teacher once a week for individual schooling. This has encouraged the tiny tots to participate actively in the online class and enabled the teacher to bond with the students and parents.

Rasbihari being child centric we have always ensured to reach out to every child, therefore various strategies are implemented to make sure no child loses out on learning in this unprecedented time. Blended from Offline To Online Learning.

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