Field visit to a Zilla parishad primary school in Jalalpur by Rasbihari Grade 9 students

Students of Rasbihari International School Grade 9 went for a field visit to a Zilla parishad primary school in Jalalpur, Gangapur Nashik. Student of rasbihari were very enthusiastic to teach the students of age group 5 to 7 years. Rasbihari students performed various activities for the children like drawing, painting, prop making, storytelling, reading numbers and addition-subtraction of numbers.Similarly, the student of rasbihari taught them many art & skills. Mast. Parth Raje and Mast. Omkar Shinde taught them some Karate techquies. Miss. Sharvi Patil and Miss. Samruddhi Katkade demonstrated the use of first aid medicines and stated its importance. The visit ended with a musical performance done by Miss. Janhvi Ubhalkar and Miss. Harshita Vende who played the cas and the violin. Students were thrilled to listen to the songs and the prayers sung by the students. It was a very beautiful moment for all of rasbihari students as they shared and took back important values with them.

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