Inter-House Protagonist Competition at Rasbihari School

An online Inter-House Protagonist competition was organized for Secondary students from grade 6 to 9 at Rasbihari International School. The objective being to promote the love for reading and enhance creative skills in students. Competitions encourage the feeling of confidence, competitive spirit and presentation among the students. Themes for the competition were Legendary Heroes / Influential story characters. The participants were judged for their appropriate costume and/or prop as per the chosen Protagonist along with oratory skills, video clarity, poise, and characterization. Students enthusiastically participated to portray their chosen characters. The participants impressed the judge by their literary acumen and enthusiasm. Miss. Shreya Karnakar from Grade- 6 Green of Topaz House secured first position and Miss. Sia Laddha from Grade- 7 Red from Emerald House secured second position in the group I of class 6 to 7. Miss. Jheel Jadhav from Grade- 9 Red of Sapphire House secured first position and Miss. Samiksha Barve from Grade- 8 Red from Sapphire House secured second position in the group II of class 8 to 9. The coordinated efforts of English teachers ensured the event was conducted well during the online learning.

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