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Rasbihari tinytots celebrate Eid

Rasbihari tinytots celebrate Eid

Rasbihari International School has always believed in celebrating all major festivals. Such celebrations are not just fun filled activities planned for kids, they also teach them basic habits like sharing and caring. These celebrations tickle the child’s brain and trigger them to think and question about the reasons we celebrate various occasions. Kids are especially interested in the story behind each festival and the significance of celebrating it!  They got the opportunity to understand the rituals and tradition of celebrating Eid by interacting with Mr. & Mrs.Aalia Salim Shaikh CEO of Mac Elevator & Escalator, who shared valuable information about the festival.He not only shared the significance but also informed the kids about the holy book “Quran”. He was extremely overwhelmed with the chirpy queries put forward by the Pre-primary kids and patiently ensured that all were answered.  Early age children pick up a lot.  Celebrating all major festivals helps children understand the cultural diversity of India and teaches them to be open minded and secular towards every religion and community.

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