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School celebrates “International Mother Language Day”

School celebrates “International Mother Language Day”

Rasbihari International School led the celebrations by recognizing almost 9 different languages – complementing the theme “National Integration”. Rasbiharians were trained to sing variety of songs under the theme in 9 different languages. The journey of exploration of languages through music and dance was led by the team of musicians of “Yuvak-Biradari Bharat” established since 1974 by the founder member Padmashree Krantibhai Shah. The students were trained in just 2 days to languages like Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, Assamese, and Sahara.  “Such initiatives provided at school helps promote linguistic and cultural diversity. It’s an opportunity to highlight the prominent role of languages which leads to preserve and develop heritage”, said Shri.SubashDasakkar, the Rasbihari music teacher. He specifically mentioned that the school never misses out on any opportunity to allow students to value the cultural roots of our country.  Two days at Rasbihari was filled with rhythm and electrifying melodious moments where the students sung collectively with synchronized movements. Team leader Prof. Atul Sundarkar not only succeeded in generating curiosity about the languages but also made almost every child feel that he/she is a singer and can enjoy the beauty of languages through music. Students were blessed to meet renowned artists Shri.Krishna Ratnaparkhi , the Tabla player, Shri.Akshay Jadhav, the choreographer, Singer Miss.Ekta Joshi, Synthesizer player, Mr.Ashwin Rekhe and witnessed the excellent co-ordination of musicians  and the sound engineer Mr.Pankaj. An excellent blend of languages with dance and music has definetly help lead the young minds with curiosity towards exploring a variety of languages. Renowned Tabla artist, Mr.SujitKale , the chief guest for the event appreciated the efforts of the team and the school for initiating to provide students with an exposure to appreciate the core beauty of our heritage. He said,” Rasbihari students were privileged to meet such an enthusiastic expertise team”.   The event was co-ordinated and executed successfully with the support of Mrs.Preethi Pathak along with the team of support staff.

21Feb 2019

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