Virtual celebration of International Day of Non-Violence- 2nd Oct

October 2, the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, is known as the third important national event every year. This day is celebrated around the world as the International Day of Non-Violence. On this day various events are organized across the country.At Rasbihari International School, Nashik, on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti and International Day of Non-Violence, the students conducted the program online with enthusiasm.6th standard students composed poems on Gandhiji and non-violence. The students of class 7th and 8th wrote paragraphs in Hindi and Marathi language expressed their views on Gandhiji and the principle of non-violenceGrade 9 students enthusiastically participated in the online class by creating quizzes. 10th standard students paid homage to Gandhiji and his values by giving speeches.

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