Yoga Competition held at Rasbihari International School with great enthusiasm ….

Rasbihari International School organized yoga competition for the Grade 6th to 10th Students on 9th July 2022.The competition was held in two groups i.e. Grade 6 and 7 and Grade 8 to 10th The students from Grade 6th and 7th presented various Asanas like Chakrasan, Uthith padmasan, Garudasan, Natrajasan, Sarwangasan, etc.The students from Grade 8th to 10th presented Dhanurasan, Natrajasan, Sarwangasan, Garudasan, ChakrasanThe competition was Judge by Yog Adhyapak Mrs. Sunanda Satish SakhadeoThis competition was conducted under the guidance of Miss. Yashashree Desai and Mrs. Rohini Nerkar.

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