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    Farewell …. tough time to say bye. we will miss you…….

    School memories are always precious and they remain in our hearts forever. Such an emotional moment for all the teachers was the farewell celebration. It was such an amazing moment for grade 9 students who made the moment special by making scrap book for the grade 10 students. The students took significant efforts to fill the scrapbook with their childhood school days photos and presented it to the students. Grade 9 students took the entire responsibility of arranging the programme right from arranging and planning and organizing the resources for various games for the display for farewell, deciding and practicing the dance steps till selecting the music, and taking all the extra efforts to practice rigorously for executing them as per the plan. The effort was rightly seen where students showcased their teamwork and worked hard for it. The games along with dance performances and videos showing glimpses of their school moments was appreciated by the students as they were able to recall all the school day moments. The farewell ended with a wonderful musical performance presented by both grade 9 and grade 10 students. This was indeed a very precious moment as students expressed their gratitude including the head boy and the head girl towards their teachers and shares some of the lovely moments they had spent with their peers. The students thoroughly enjoyed the performances and the food served. The teachers heartily gave them best wishes for their exams and their future life. It was a indeed a tough time for all the teachers to bid them good bye but we believe it is not the end but just the beginning of a new phase in their lives. They will always remain in our hearts and fresh in our memories.