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    What is Affiliation?

    “Affiliation” means formal enrolment of a school among the list of approved schools of the Board following prescribed/approved courses of studies up to class X.

    What is affiliation number of your school?

    Our school’s affiliation number is 1130710.

    Till what standard do you operate?

    The school has classes from Nursery to grade X at present.

    What are the age criteria for seeking an admission?

    The child should have completed no. of years as mentioned in the table below as on 31st December of that respective year.
    The age criteria are as under –

    Grades Age
    Nursery 3 years
    Junior KG 4 years
    Senior KG 5 years
    Grade 1 6 years

    What is the class strength?

    In an affiliated CBSE school, each section can have 40 students in each class.
    Each class with 1 class teacher, 1 maid deputed on the floor and different subject teachers, with the ratio of 16:1 is being maintained.

    Grades Strength
    Nursery to Senior KG 15 to 20
    Grade 1 to 5 20 to 25
    Grade 6 to 10 25 to 35

    What are the activities are being provided in School and Pre School? Whether compulsory?

    The school provides age appropriate co-curricular activities across the grades.
    Activities provided in the school-

    • Basketball
    • Football
    • Cricket
    • Athletics
    • Skating
    • Karate
    • Theatre- Drama
    • Music: Instrumental
    • Music: Vocal
    • Art and Craft
    • Robotics
    • Yoga
    • Western Dance
    • Badminton
    • Table Tennis


    What is the medium of communication? My child does not understand anything except regional language which is Marathi/Hindi?

    English is the medium of communication.
    Tiny tots are guided with Hindi/Marathi based on the need.

    How is the school bus service? What are the safety measures taken?

    Our prime concern is the safety and security of every child travelling to and fro. School’s student transportation services operates by a set of safety, security, health and driver qualification guidelines that meet the RTO rules/norms to ensure that school buses are the safest mode of transportation for our schoolchildren.

    Important school bus facility facts:

    • We are very proud of the safety record of our school buses and the professionalism of our transportation team.
    • Every bus has a lady attendant.
    • Every bus has the CCTV and GPS tracker which help us to track and monitor all the buses remotely.
    • Every bus has the speed governor installed in it which is RTO certified and helps to keep control on the speed of the each bus.
    • It is important that our drivers are able to concentrate on driving the route safely. So, the bus attendants are given mobile phones in case of there is any requirement of any communication to be done.
    • Our bus operators and attendants are trained staffs who have the children’s safety in mind.
    • They receive proper training in management, loading and unloading, security and emergency management procedures.
    • Our bus staff is our own and experienced staff. The staff participates in frequent driving record checks, and submits background checks as well as annual medical exams to keep their special driver’s license with the proper endorsements.
    • Each bus has comprehensive insurance considering the safety of the children and staff as an ultimate matter.
    • Personal care is taken where doorstep delivery is attained wherever possible.
    • The tyres are monitored on a regular basis and are changed after every 40,000 KM distance travelled.
    • The fee is charged for 11 months.

    What are the various subjects offered in school?

    Grade I to III – English, Hindi, Mathematics, EVS, ICT, Marathi.
    Grade III onward- English, Hindi, Mathematics, EVS, Social Science, ICT, Marathi.

    How will I know that my child is doing well? How often will I be informed?

    Apart from the PTM/Open House which happens 4 times a year, if the class teacher feels the need to, will communicate to you via the ERP – our school’s parent portal. You too can contact the teacher in the same manner.

    What are the school timings?

    Saturday and Sunday are holidays for students and teachers.

    Grades School Timing
    Nursery to Senior KG 9:30 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.
    Grade 1 to 5 9:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.
    Grade 6 to 10 7:30 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.


    What is fee raise pattern?

    The school is not commercial in its approach; the fees will be increased after every 2 years in consultation with the PTA and as per the Government Fee act norms.

    What is the pattern of homework?

    Homework is a part of the practice required after the concepts are cleared in the class.

    What are the safety measures taken by school for students?

    School is under CCTV surveillance. We ensure that the students once entered in the school premises till the time they are in the campus the safety measures are followed. In case of students travelling by school bus, it extends till the time the student reaches home safely.

    At the entry gate, once entered inside, the security ensures that no student goes out without permission. The walk-in students and students picked-up and dropped-by the parents/guardians are handed over to the allotted personnel only.

    No stranger can enter in the campus without verification and a gate pass.