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    World Marathi Day Concluded With Enthusiasm………..

    World Marathi Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Rasbihari International School. Children and primary children and children of children organized book Dindi, palkhi wearing traditional dresses, turban. In it, the children had held photos of many famous writers, writers, poets and poets in Marathi literature, photos of Saint Dnyaneshwar Sant Tukaram, posters of his Ovya, thoughts. The secondary and higher secondary students performed well by forming lezim and drum squad before them.

    After that, secondary and higher secondary students performed the play Shyam’s mother based on Saneguruji’s novel Shyam’s mother.

    Famous actor Shri as the chief guest of all these programs. Atulji was Kavthalkar. All parents, teachers, non-teaching staff, students enjoyed the play to the fullest. The drama ended after the national anthem and the state anthem. The program was informed by students’ money.


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