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    National Science Day (also Known as Rashtirya Vigyan divas)

    Great scientist and Nobel Prize winner CV Raman. Every year the day is celebrated to raise awareness on the importance of science inour daily lives. During this month, at RIS various hands-on explorations, and labactivities were planned to investigate science concepts. Students made hypotheses andtested them in the science lab. We at RIS believe, ‘Every learning space is a laboratory. Teachers at RIS facilitate students inquiry. Grade 6 conducted variousexperiments to find out moisture content in the soil, why oxygen is required for burning, andthe sublimation process where solid changes to liquid without changing to a liquid state. Thisexploration helped them to understand the concepts and it’s application in real life. It also led to aninquiry into soil structure and factors that affect the changes in the state of matter. Grade 7 students explored various solutions to find out the nature of the solution. They did thepH test and were able to identify the nature of the solution, whether acidic or basic, or neutral.They were curious to know the application of tests in our day-to-day life. They also conductedexperiments to find out the rate of percolation in different soil samples which later helped tounderstand the type of soil used for a particular crop. Grade 8 students explored the properties of light through various experiments. They were ableto explain the various phenomena that are used in our life based on the properties of light As this year, ‘Integrated approach in Science and technology, was the theme for the NationalScience day. During this month, whileexploring the key concepts few of the activities were connected to sustainability and the useof technology. Few examples of them are:In grade 6, students brainstormed various water conservation practices one needs to followand how technology such as the use of sensors are used to find leakage, use of home-created filterto filter rainwater was demonstrated by kids.In grade 7, students brainstormed various water conservation practices. They used digitalinfographics to inform others to explain the importance of water and suggested ways toconserve water. In grade 8, students used a mind map to share the use of technology to deal with waterconservation, pollution, and green energy. They shared how sensors can be used to find outpollution in air/water which can help to take preventive measures. The use of green energy,pollution check meters, sensors can be designed to check pollution and for water irrigation. Language teachers fostered reading books, and autobiographies of scientists andcontributions done by them. An essay writing session was conducted to enhance their writingskills and share the concepts learnt. Students selected a topic, made research on it, andwrote essays on kitchen science/communication in the future / my eco-friendly lifestyle andscientific concepts. #scienceday2022#nationalscienceday2022