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    Rasbihari International School is religion neutral and does not discriminate any religion, caste or creed.
    Students are encouraged to participate in non-religious meditations, which enhances their mental faculty.
    A regular congregational prayer meeting is held every day to show a strength of unity in our diversity.

    Reflection on character attributes

    As a school we are grounded in the belief that strength of character is as important as academic progress. Teachers and students are encouraged to reflect on the following character attributes in their daily life experiences.

    #  Asked questions to help s/he learn better.
    # Took an active interest in learning.

    # Recognized what other people did for them.
    # Showed appreciation for opportunities.
    # Expressed appreciation by saying thank you.
    # Did something nice for someone else as a way of saying  thank you.

    # Finished whatever s/he began.
    # Stuck with a project or activity for more than a few weeks.
    # Tried very hard even after experiencing failure.
    # Stayed committed to goals.
    # Kept working hard even when s/he felt like quitting.

    # Believed that effort would improve his/her future.
    # When bad things happened, s/he thought about things they could do it better next time.
    # Stayed motivated, even when things didn’t go well.
    # Believed that s/he could improve on things they weren’t good at.

    Self Control (Interpersonal)
    # Remained calm even when criticized or otherwise provoked.
    # Allowed others to speak without interrupting.
    # Was polite to adults and peers.
    # Kept temper in check.

    Self Control ( School Work )
    # Came to class prepared.
    # Remembered and followed directions.
    # Got to work right away instead of waiting until the last minute.
    # Paid attention and resisted distractions.

    Social Intelligence
    # Was able to find solutions during conflicts with others.
    # Showed that s/he cared about the feelings of others.
    # Adapted to different social situations.

    # Actively participated.
    # Showed enthusiasm.
    # Approached new situations with excitement and energy.

    Upcoming Dates

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    Story Telling as Pedagogy


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    School Bus Committee Meeting

    As per Govt. nor

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    Fun family day

    To develop the bonding between parents and children.

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    Concept of Inclusive Education