Curricular Activities

Curricular Activities

At Rasbihari International School, in line with International Best Practices, Extra-Curricular and Co -Curricular activities are part of the curriculum. The School firmly believes that Co- Curricular and Extra-Curricular activities go a long way in developing a student’s social, cognitive, interpersonal faculties. At School Extra -curricular Activity and Co-Curricular Activity are part of the time table and students are impressed to participate in arts, music, crafts, drama, sports and public speaking. no extra fees is charged  for these activities.

The School understands that participation in Extra-curricular and Co-curricular provides much more than an outlet and builds competitive spirit combined with team work and self-esteem.

Upcoming Dates

  • Classroom - 3
Clay Moulding

To develop fine motor skills in students for Nur to Sr.Kg

  • Classroom - 16
Parent interaction-II

To inform parents about student progress for Nur to V

  • Classroom - 11
Book mark competition

To promote library and literature for I to V

  • Assembly
World Animal Day

an opportunity to create awareness on various issues like cruelty towards animals, animal rights violations etc for 6th to 10th