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    Rasbihari’s Student Enjoy the Most in Hyderabad Picnic

    Picnics are one of the most exciting things that children enjoy the most. This time Rasbihari International had planned their 5-day trip to Hyderabad. It was a delightful experience to watch the students taking complete responsibility of themselves right from travelling in a train, boarding the bus, taking care of their luggage as well as helping the younger kids with their luggage, elder students taking responsibility of the younger ones, standing in queue taking care of the other students while walking. The students demonstrated their skills of cooperation, respecting others, talking politely with others etc while helping with the distribution of food packets, collecting back the garbage, taking care of their friend partners etc. Students visited various places like Golconda fort where students got a good trekking experience. We visited the Salarjung Museum, which is the third largest museum in India where students were delighted to see the artifacts, antiques including the musical clock. The Ramoji film city was a cherry on the top as students enjoyed the dance and film sets. Students were delighted to see the live shooting and understand the process of film making, shooting locations. It was amazing to watch the Lazer show at Lumbini park and enjoyed the NTR garden rides. The students also visited the Balaji temple and it was a fantastic experience to visit the snow world where we captured moments full of thrill and excitement of the students enjoying with snow balls and rides. To add to the enjoyment students put on their dancing shoes and danced on to the music of their favorite songs and had fun to the fullest. The picnic ended on a happy note with all fun fill memories and unforgettable experiences.

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