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    Declamation Competition

    Declamation Competition

    English Declamation Competition was organized in Rasbihari International School to inculcate and enhance public speaking skills among the students and to address the audience with confidence.

    Students from grade VI to X participated in this competition. They set an example of dramatic oration, perfect articulation, emphasizing on gesture while presenting eminent and world renowned personalities such as Mitali Raj, Sushama Swaraj, Helen Keller, Dr. Abdul Kalam, and many more.

    Mrs. Jyothi Samantha, Principal of Horizon academy was the honorable Judge for the competition. Miss Sakshi Nikam and Miss Riya Agrawal shouldered the responsibility of anchoring the programme.

    Winners are as follows :-

    Group A ( Grade 6 and Grade 7) :

    First :- Dnyaneshwari Deore (Indra Nooyi), Second :- Pranav Geete (Dr. Abdul Kadam)

    Consolation prizes :- 1) Jheel Jadhav (Kiran Bedi) 2) Anvi Bhamare ( Mitali Raj )

    Group B (Grade 8 to Grade 10) :-

    First :- Chinmayee Kulkarni (Meghan Markle) , Second :- Sakshi Nikam (Priyanka Chopra)

    Consolation prize :- Anushwara Vijaykumar (Selena Gomez)

    30th Nov 2018

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