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    Rasbihari Council body hone their leadership skills

    Rasbihari International School prides itself for its strong line of Council members belonging to the Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and Topaz house. The school counselor, Ms. Piyushee Amrite arranged for a special session on ‘Leadership development’ for its council members on 27th July 2019. The students participated in the 3 hour session with enthusiasm and interest, using their various skills of managing time, managing team work and using analytical and critical thinking abilities, they participated in various challenging games arranged for them. The objective of the session was to sharpen ones skill to observe, to consider the team’s opinion, set goals and thinking of back up plans in case of failures. The above mentioned skills are a part of everyday challenges for a leader in today’s ever changing scenario of team dynamics.Each leader leads an entire house which comprises of a quarter of the school population. To develop personal skills, to participate in group activities and simultaneous maintain a balance in ones personal and school life are important facets of achieving personal excellence as a leader. With the commencement of this session the school aims to   arrange  a series of other interactive, insightful trainings for students in school.

    3rd August 2019

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