Poster making competition

Painting is a visual dance of imagination. It precedes oral language, making thoughts visible, allowing children to communicate their ideas, express their feelings, construct knowledge and attempt to make sense of their world. Secondary students from grade 6 to 10 explored and experimented with colours and painted their imagination on canvas during class-wise poster making competition on 31st July 2019. The students made posters on topicsĀ of Oil conservation for better health and environment, Mission space and Kargil victory. Best 2 posters were selected from each grade by the school’s Art teacher Mr. Somanath Dharbale.

Winners are as follows:

Grade First Second
Grade 6 Shubham Padvi Sanika Nagare
Grade 7 Sneha Patil Jheel Jadhav
Grade 8 Avani Bhamare Dnyaneshwari Deore
Grade 9 Smirit Prasad Shruti Shinde
Grade 10 Nilambari Nehete Amruta Jadhav




20th August 2019


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