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    Grade 10 students visited to Sahyadri Farms

    Grade 10 students of school visited “Sahyadri Farms” on 2nd August 2019 to enrich their understanding about agriculture and economy. The purpose of the visit was to understand the importance of agriculture in national economy and how development in technology has helped in sustainability of farms and farming systems. Mr.

    Dhananjay Gawale the public relation manager at Sahyadri Farms explained the primary objectives of Sahyadri farms,was to provide the best of infrastructure and ensure adequate production and processing facilities to the farmers who cannot secure a good produce due to frugality of resources and operations.

    The initiative was to develop first of its kind branded traceable product-mix that would promote sustained growth. Students were informed about the procedures that are taken so that the farmers can increase quality and productivity as per global standards using enhanced technology.

    Students were taken around the plant to show the IQF processing unit used to freeze fruits and vegetables to -18 degree C in 3 ½ mins. Students were also shown the process of sorting fruits and vegetables and how the global standards are maintained to meet the European market. Students were curious to know about the process of approaching the global market, the no. of workers employed, the possibility of losses and risks and how they deal with customer complaints?

    This field visit was an integration of subjects-like English, Hindi,economics, science and technology, Math and Hindi. Students will be writing a report that will include the collection of facts and inferences derived from it, the concept of probability to estimate the yearly turnover and reflection of field visit in Hindi.

    Gr 10 student visited Sahyadri Farm

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