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    Nutrition Awareness Program at School

    From 3rd September to 5th September students created awareness about importance of Nutrition in the primary and secondary section. Students shared thoughts on importance of nutrition and gave speeches on “why do we need to have nutritious diet”. Students sang poem that focused on the importance of health, nutrition and how our cultural practices are connected to nutrition.  Students were also encouraged to ensure they bring healthy food for their lunch. Videos were created on various topics like  importance of diet, ways to have nutritious diet, food pyramid and nutritious value of Indian food across the country. Students introduced various nutritionist in the assembly. It is observed that today children get carried away with various glamorous appearance and presentation of the food which almost gets them addicted to junk food. School also ensures that HFSS food is banned in the school canteen. The week long activities ensured that every member is introduced to the importance of nutrition for the Human Body to lead a balanced and healthy life.

    9th September 2019


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