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    ‘Navrasa”   the  Musical fest’ 

    नवरसा: – नवभावनानां प्रवास: Navrasa :”The Journey of Emotions”.

    As the theme says it was a vibrant evening filled with expressions of various emotions. Rasbiharian artists took the audience through a roller coaster ride of emotions with their mesmerizing music, dance, play acting, poetry recitation and humor act on 21st December 2019. The event witnessed around 500 students participation. The event was presided by the eminent  flautist Shri.Mohan Upasani , Director of “Venunad” an institution which focuses on training young flute artists. He appreciated the beautiful blending of the theme in the performances and ambience. He did mention the collaborative effort of every Rasbihari member could be seen throughout the event. School Trustee Shri.Kisanlalji Sarda was present for the event.

    The event began with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp followed by “Ram Raksha” which showcased ‘Bhakti Ras’. The essence of 9 emotions, moods or sentiments that sum up the day to day lives of every human being were exhibited with a range of acts which included classical to western. It was mind-blowing to see how students sang other regional language songs too with the correct pronunciation. Every act was also an integrated outcome of their language, arts, dance and drama learning outcomes. Use of language, expression, co-ordination etc was visible in action. “The inclusion of regional languages, stotra recital, blend of classical and western performances and the message of balancing our emotions was displayed in a simple and elegant manner” said the parents.

    Miss Pari Dave, Miss Shraddha Malode, Miss Jiya Solgama, Miss Asmi Gujrathi, Miss Amruta Jadhav, Miss Vedangi Kale, Miss Divya Laddha , Miss Sanskruti Thakare and Miss Arya Mishra bunch of artists led the roller coaster ride of emotions.

    The students expressed their gratitude towards their Music teachers Mr. Subhash Dassakar ,Mrs Shreyashi Rai,  Mr.Narendra Phulee and the Dance teacher Mr. Keval Gujarathi for their guidance and support. The creative art team was guided by Mr. Somanath Dharbale. The event was managed by Mrs.Rohini Nerkar and Mrs.Priti Pathak.  It was an evening which showcased a wonderful fusion of energy devotion, gratitude and excellence.

    21st November 2019

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