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    Young Technocrats of School

    Life without technology is meaningless in today’s dynamic world. Children must get the opportunity to explore and exhibit their creative skills. Cyber security day is celebrated on 30th November every year. On this occasion  Grade 6 to 10 students had  “GIF and Game” making competition. It was amazing to see the young technocrats designing educational games which could be used as teaching aids for the primary classes and expression of environmental awareness through various GIFs. They explored various apps and softwares in the process. They learnt techniques of writing codes and using new software. 

    Integrating ICT tools in the exhibition of learning outcomes is a part of the school culture. It not only unleashed creativity but also helped them be innovative with the software and experiment its applications in our daily learning. They explored the bonding between graphics, game design, coding, artificial intelligence and player interfaces. 

    The winners of the GIF and Game making competition are as follows : –

    First  Second
    GIF making Samruddhi Patil Asmi Gujarathi
    Game making Yash Giri and Aman Sharma Yash Shinde and Roshan Shinde


    30th November 2019

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