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    Inclusive and Diversity workshop- Forming bond within

    Rasbihari international School,  prides itself in  creating  awareness of the Inclusive and Diversity perspectives in School for its  teachers on 12th November 2019.  A  four hour module  was  arranged in the school for the staff to refresh the  awareness on meanings of ‘Inclusion and Diversity’ in the school premises by psychologist, Mrs. Piyushee  Amrite.

    The Principals, Mrs. Bindu  Vijaykumar, Mrs Shilpa  Ahire, were part of this  training where teachers were helped to identify there personal styles in dealing with other individuals and then promoting the calibration methods to help,’ Understand others and be understood by others’ as a major part of the inclusion program.

    Some of the important outcomes covered during the session were:

    1. Develop awareness among individuals about self, based on the Personality Questionnaire.
    2. Develop a skill set to become aware of the blind spots in self.
    3. Understanding better communication model to interact with self and with others in the school.
    4. Develop awareness and the skill set to deal with students, colleagues, stakeholders when in gathering, in class or in general.
    5. Specific details about the barriers that exist while interacting with others.
    6. Clarity in identification of strength in self and the biases associated with it.

    12th November 2019

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