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    A week-long workshop was conducted for all the students from Grade 6 to Grade 10 by Mrs. Gauri Joshi. Students were inducted to the safety measures of using the technology. In this digital era where children are exposed to the internet for various learning purposes, it is important to ensure they are informed about the safety measures. It gave insights on digital access, literacy, communication, etiquette, health and wellness, rights, freedom, and responsibilities of a user, digital security, and law. Students shared their experiences e.g being bullied in a game, spam calls on lottery, social networking and its responsibilities. They inquired about consequences of sharing information online, how can the data be misused, etc. As the use of online tools and online forums has increased and become a part of their life it definitely is a primary requisite to induct them to the safety measures. This workshop has provoked the students to think and be an alert user.

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