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    Rasbihari International School conducted a virtual Eco-friendly Ganesh Idol making workshop

    Students of Rasbihari International School gear up for the upcoming  Ganesh Utsav by participating in Virtual eco-friendly Ganesh Idol Making Workshop. This workshop was organized to ensure that the students are not deprived of the joy of welcoming their favorite Lord Ganpati Bappa during the present catastrophic scenario. Students participated actively in this workshop.   The students artistically sculpted their own Ganesh idols under the guidance of Mr. Somnath Dharbale (Art Teacher). Students displayed their creativity by carving their Ganesh idols independently in various sizes and designs. They learned the concept of proportion and quantity while handling eco-friendly material like clay (shadu maati), water, and natural colors. Also, they incorporated the skills of time management while making the Ganesh idol in a limited time frame.  This workshop enhanced an atheistic sense of painting and designing among young artists.  It helped the students to go beyond doodling with colors and encouraged them to handle clay and made the whole process of art-making enjoyable.   They developed eye-hand coordination, imagination, and fine motor skills. Through this workshop, the young Rasbiharians set the seal on having an eco-friendly Ganesh Utsav and pledged to immerse the Ganpati idol for it in an environmentally sensitive manner.

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