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    Rasbihari International School organizes a series of innovative activities on the occasion of ‘The World Mental Health Day’

    During these unprecedented circumstances following the pandemic has led to stress and anxiety among  all.  With the new system of online classes, restrictions of outdoor activities, etc. students need an empathetic handling through psychosocial support. To ensure that the students-parents- teachers adapt good mental health habits, A mental health week was observed from 4th October to 10th October 2020.

    A wide range of activities were conducted to provide psychosocial support to students, teachers and families for Mental Health and Emotional Well-being during COVID-19 outbreak and beyond. A live interaction was organized on the topic “Remodel, Relearn, Readjust parenting  during covid times” . The webinar was addressed by Mr. Mandar Rajendra a life coach  with Holistic Living Center along with the school counselor, Piyushi Amrite.

    Mr. Mandar shared useful tips on parental behavior during this pandemic situation, provided a beneficial guidance on setting up the environment of love support for children, enrollment of the child and the parent on establishing boundaries, trust and support to each other. “There is no specific parenting theory or concept called perfect parenting, it is just understanding the  behavior of the child through remodeling and being an aware parent.” he expressed. He also mentioned to respect the privacy of the adolescent children and stated to make an agreement with the child when it comes to the social media interactions.

     During this one hour seminar Mr. Mandar addressed the questions of parents on various aspects and encouraged all to adapt to  good mental health practices.

    Also, activities such as story-telling by teachers, poster making and slogan writing were conducted for the students from grade 1 to 10 which enabled the students to showcase their creativity. During the story telling session, the teachers highlighted different components of mental well-being. They shared a questions which enabled to students to reflect on different aspects of mental well-being through stories.

    These activities organized during the online school highlighted the significance of the issue of good mental health and well-being. It was a unique experience for the teachers-students-parents  to come together to promote actions that can improve mental health and well being. The students celebrated it with great enthusiasm and exhibited self confidence while participating in each and every activity..

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