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    An open talk on “Mental Health” was held at Rasbihari International School on the occasion of International Women’s Day


    On the occasion of International Women’s Day, an interactive online session was conducted by Mrs. Piyushee Amrite ,School Counsellor at Rasbihari International School. The session was attended by the mother parent and teachers of school. The topic of the session was ‘How to openly talk about mental health with self and family’. The session was started with the explanation of the ‘Johari Window’, which was a new topic for all the participants. The session enabled the participants to explore their qualities and capabilities that are known to them. Also, it facilitated them to explore different ways to access their hidden potentials. The session further progressed with the discussion about the questions related to mental wellbeing of women.  Mrs. Piyushee shared various tips and exercises for maintaining mental well-being  during this uncertain period of covid 19, she also shared tips about handling stress. During the entire session, Mrs. Piyushee encouraged all the participants to speak up openly to a friend, family member or members from their community about any support that they need. Also, she suggested to write a daily journal about ones thoughts and feelings and to  do the mediation regularly. Mother parents, teachers and staff members actively participated in this session and enjoyed it. Mrs. Suvarna Patil organized the event and ensured to make this Women’s Day special for all Rasbihari Moms and teachers

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