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    Students of Rasbihari International School celebrate the International Yoga Day…

    21st June, is celebrated as the International Yoga Day all over the world with great enthusiasm and excitement. A virtual yoga session was organized for all the students, parents and teachers of Rasbihari International School. Ms. Yashashree Desai, the yoga educator conducted this session.  During this session the students were explained about yoga and its importance for the fitness and well-being of our mind and body. They were told about different yogasanas and their importance, pranayam, breathing exercises and meditation. She mentioned the benefits of  facial yoga and showed its demonstrations.  Also a discussion about the ailments that are cured by the regular yoga practice was also conducted. At the end of the session a question-answer round was carried out and the questions of the inquisitive minds were addressed by Ms. Yashashree.   Along with students, parents and teachers participated actively in this session and pledged to continue with the practice of Yoga regularly with a great zeal for a better physical and mental well-being. At Rasbihari International School Yoga is one of the regular physical activity class for all students.

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