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    Tourism week at Rasbihari International School

    Tourism week at Rasbihari International School

    As the message says “Dekho Apna Desh”, students from grade 1 to grade 10 were engaged in various activities to promote the beauty of our country as well as to exhibit the various culture and traditions of each state. Students were enthusiastic to share the unique features woven in each state which makes our country exceptionally beautiful. Students promoted every state and shared its own identity whether nature, food, clothing or culture.

    Different areas of the school exhibited the features of the country throughout the week. In the library various books related to the country was exhibited. Students were encouraged to read the same. Both the primary and the secondary section students planned and executed quiz to explore the various facts about each state under the guidance of their teachers. Students prepared power point presentations of each state and shared the information of the unique features to the audience during the daily assembly time. Students dressed and showcased the richness of the costumes of each state. Every presentation ensured to share the details of travel from various destinations to that particular state whether by road, air or rail. Students wrote essays to promote tourism, where they did share their experiences of exploration of various places of our country.

    The vibrance of our country was seen in the presentations across all sections. Each class chose to present different states on their own and then planned the activities. Every morning began with music and information’s.

    Incredible India!


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