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    International Yoga Day

    Students from primary to secondary school observed  International Yoga day by  doing various asans. Students were guided by a team of Yoga experts led by Mrs. Aarti Patil who is a yoga expert and teaches yoga in Yog Vidya Dham Nashik. She was supported by Samruddhi Patil who is also a yoga expert and  Vrushali Morkar a yoga teacher along with Ms. Yashashree Desai  the school yoga teacher. They explained the importance of Yogasan and Meditation and how it helps in  improving our spiritual, mental and physical health. The session began with the “Omkar” chant followed by Suryanamaskar, Uttanpadasan, Pawanmuktasan and many more. The purpose and benefits of each Asans were explained.  All the students were thoroughly involved in the yoga session and had a rejuvenating experience after the yoga session. Not only students but the staff members too had a yoga session as a part of Int. yoga day. School recognizes the importance of Yoga and has included Yoga in its regular curriculum. 

    21st Jun 2019






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