Digital integration in daily learning

School students from grade 6 to 7 used web 2 tools and created excellent digital posters and exhibited the theme of various values practiced at school. The creative ideas presented by the students were amazing and it also helped the students integrate their imagination with ICT tools. Grade 8 to 10 students expressed their thoughts on “Patriotism” using Doodle Art form. It was assessed for creativity and theme communication. It was an opportunity of expressing their ideas in creating a concept using digital tools. The competition was held from 7th August 19 to 10th August 19. 

The winners for Doodle making are –

Position 1 –  Vaibhav Jagtap and Roshan Shinde from 10th Green

Position 2 – Diya Gujrathi and  Mokshada Chirmade from 10th Red

The winners for Digital Poster making are –

Position 1 –  Arya kandekar and Anushka Deore from 6th Red

Position 2 –  Jheel Jadhav and Samriddhi Patil from 7th Red

19th August 2019



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