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    Grade 10 students create teaching aids 

    Students of Grade 10 actively participated in making teaching aids. Students were given to pick up chit to select the grade and subject they would be teaching. This also gave them the idea for which class and subject will the teaching aid be made.

    The criteria of the aid was shared . Students were really very curious and inquisitive to explore what teaching aid can they make. Students made various teaching aids like palm puppet for drama club, Plotting of Indian congress sessions on map, Factor tree,force applied and its effect on the object, activity cards etc.It was a new experience and learning for the students from planning to implementation. They ensured that the aids help them be a facilitator in the class. They could reflect that teaching aids are provocative tools for conceptual thinking . Teaching aids creates an environment of interest for the students. These activities not only brings out the creativity and conceptual understanding but also gives a platform for lot of learning experiences that develops skills and attitudes.

    25th September 2019

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