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    Science Exhibition 2019-20

    School organized an exhibition of creative and innovative science projects on 23rd October 2019 at, City Center Mall from 4:00 pm to 8.00 pm. The students from grade 6th  to 10th took  up the opportunity to showcase their scientific inquiry.

    Students explored various scientific concepts in the journey towards display of exhibition. They learned various ways to questioning, testing to check the hypothesis, conducting interviews and field visits to confirm their finding. They have also showcased their learning even though sometimes the final product was flawed, led them to learn a lot in their journey. End product or model is not the destination but the efforts to keep trying and learning from each trial is the attitude looked toward from Rasbiharians.

    43 exhibits were demonstrated by the students, such as Drone, Multiutility agricultural robot, Smart bin, Drip irrigation, Bernoulli’s principle, Temperature and fan control, Light sensor – security, Electronic floor cleaner, Relationship between soil moisture and plant growth, Root density and its role in soil erosion, Smart Phone, Electronic eye, Archimedes Principle, Solar city, Li-Fi, Non Newtonian fluid, Hydroponic farming, Electromagnetic Car, Vertical farming, Sensor traffic, Food Adulteration, Water Purification, Smart street light with sensor, Smart blind stick, Refraction of light, Wireless power transfer circuit etc.

    Dr. Ganesh Dabhade and Mr.Sachin Shinde had judged the exhibits. Dr. Ganesh Dabhade has done Ph.D in Chemistry and working in K. K. Wagh College and Mr.Sachin Shinde is an Assistant Professor in V. N. Naik Junior college.  Mr.Shinde appreciated the students for their efforts and their thought process that put on a successful exhibition. 

    The projects were selected from the 2 categories namely- core scientific concept based and technology based. There was a tie for the first position in both the groups due to which in both the categories the winner projects secured first position.  

    The winner group are as follows:

    Group A – Core Science ( Std 6th to 10th)

    First: – Project Name :- “ Waste Management” – (Grade 8 – Dnyaneshwari Deore, Aanya Agrawal, Tamanna Marwah, Divya Vende, Arya Mishra, Sudiksha Salunke)

    First: – Project Name: – “Food Adulteration” – (Grade 6 – Aarya Kandekar, Soha Bhavsar, Sejal Sonar and Anushka Deore)

    Group B -Technology (Std 6th to 10th)

    First :- Project Name :-  “Li-Fi” ( Grade 7 – Prajwal Boraste, Aditya Ingale, Mayur Fegade, Avi Gupta, Virupaksha Dhage, Shubham Gayate)

    First: – Project Name :-  “Smart Blind Stick ” ( Grade 10 – Swami Battase, Rudra Bhamare, Tejas Hadas, Prathmesh Hiwale, Ayush Kandekar, Nikunj Palija, Roshan Shilavat)

    All students were guided by Senior Science Teacher Mrs.Shruti Naik, Mrs.Suvarna Patil, Mrs. Prabhavati Prasad, Mrs.Shilpa Ahire, Mrs. Gauri Joshi and Mrs. Rajeshwari. 

     Trustee Hon. Shrirangji Sarda, School Principal Mrs. Bindu Vijaykumar, Primary Principal Mrs.Shilpa Ahire were present on this occasion. Diya Gujarathi and  Mokshada Chirmade compered the event. 

    23rd October 2019

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