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    Trekking: Step towards physical fitness at Rasbihari International School

    Rasbihari International school organized trekking expedition for grade 9 and 10  to Ramshej Gad which is well known for its scenic beauty, epical and historical significance. Around 110 students and 9 teachers participated in the expedition. The main motto of the expedition was to face challenges of life and improve their physical conditions. It also gave them an opportunity to explore nature and to be a part of it. We believe that undertaking treks gives boost to the moral, and will-power of the trekkers which goes a long way in helping them face hard times of their life with patience and perseverance. It also gave an opportunity to coordinate and ensure safety of each other. Students were alert to the instructions and also flexible in their approach, where they adjusted themselves to the new environment. Overall the tour was fun-filled and students got to know the rich culture that prevails in our city.

    28th November 2019

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