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    Stress Management session for teachers at RIS- Capacity Building, Quest for the best!

    Under the leadership of the Principal. Mrs. Bindu Vijaykumar, Vice -Principal,  Mrs. Shilpa Ahire and the School Administrative head, Mrs. Nivedita Kamod a fabulous session on Stress Management was arranged at Rasbihari International School on the 28th of December 2019. Ms.  Jyothy Ramachandran and Dr. Rakesh Ranjan, senior trainers from the CBSE curriculum arranged an enquiry based, fun loving, easy to explore arenas of Stress in the life of an everyday teacher…cum mother, wife, husband, son, daughter and a citizen. The training comprised of 60 participants across schools from Nashik, Jalgaon, Ozar. The Session 1 started with a great introductory round to figuring out the need and importance of Stress Management. It went on to develop the meaning of stress and its perception in life using activity based sessions and games to provoke and involve everybody. The Session 2 comprised of details involving Myths and Misconceptions regarding stress, the sources of stress and decoding the automatic stress response and its impact on human body and mind. Session 3 Consisted of various music, art therapy games and psychodrama to express stress in an effective way. The Mindful Mantra to relax in life were discussed too. The session was on the whole a great experience, created a stress free environment and a great push to a New Year.

    28th December 2019

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