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    Rasbihari International School reaches students through Online class

    We are all going through a catastrophe where we are all forced to be within the four walls for each one’s safety. Inspite of the challenges, Rasbihari International School has made the effort to ensure that students are not deprived of their learning. 

    Towards this end the teachers have reviewed and made the necessary changes in the online curriculum and academic calendar. The online classes have begun for all the students of the school. The required logistical support for learning is provided to the students in the form of digital textbooks, reference materials, topic related videos etc. Parents login to the virtual class by using the secured school learning portal and online timetable. The school ensured that parents of all the sections are oriented to the process of accessing the virtual class by conducting online parent meets. 

    The teaching learning pedagogy is still ensured by encouraging students’ inquiry during the virtual class. The online platform not only covers the scholastic subjects but also the co-scholastic subjects as in music, dance, yoga, physical education, art and Atal Tinkering class. To ensure that the studies won’t be compromised, the admission requests for Nursery to Grade 9 are also processed online.  

    The platform of virtual class is obviously an example of shared responsibility of child, teacher and the parent. This learning experience will surely be one of the cherished moments in the students’ life forever.

    27th April 2020


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