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    MATHOPEDIA at Rasbihari – The smartest way to share your ideas.

    Have you ever thought that Math could be fun, interesting, engaging, challenging, interactive, and joyful during the pandemic situation? 

    This is true at Rasbihari!! 

    Mathopedia session was organized in the school during the second and third weeks of August. It exhibited the students’ creativity as well as their understanding of various mathematical concepts. Grade 6 to 10 students selected Math concepts of lower grades and created interesting puzzles and games.

    Students collaborated with peers and used innovative ideas to ensure that their creation should be useful to the little learners.  Few of them created puzzles, quizzes, interactive games, all these were demonstrated in their own virtual class. They were clear about the purpose and the targeted audience.  They applied their understanding of coding and generated games for various concepts. During the planning time, students demonstrated thinking skills, communication skills, and self-management skills. The whole episode was an excellent medium of online collaboration. They did agree and disagree within their groups but finally created the final product with complete co-ordination. This platform has helped develop a lot of skills and attitudes in the students and they have also proved that challenges make them grow and learn more.

     Some of the games were self-explanatory whereas some of them focused on time management along with the assessment of concepts.

    It also added to the resource bank for the teachers which can be used by the little learners to explore Mathematical concepts. Math is a part of our life and its joyful when explored through various learning tools. 

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