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    Teacher’s Day Celebration

    Rasbihari students stepped online to honour their teachers via Google meet

    Grade 10 students made sure no teacher was left out by sending them a virtual invitation card designed by them. This year’s celebration was totally initiated, planned and executed by the students themselves. They planned a series of programmes online. It began with an introductory speech by Aditej Deore. The 6-month online class has definitely given a wide range of opportunities for the students to get tech-savvy and it could be seen in their actions. Divya Laddha, Meera Marvania, Vaishnavi Malode, Kaveri Rikame, Garima Rokade put up an online skit which addressed the complete online class scenario. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the skit and could not control their laughter. Online drama classes have encouraged and supported them. The whole show was presented in a way where they did have live and pre-recorded performances. Kasturi Ghuge, Shivanjali Gangurde, Niti Bhavsar Sakshi Jadhav  performed Guru Vandana. Teachers shared their best memories with the students, it was an emotional moment. Krish Bavariya, Harshwardhan Wagh  and Yash Nikumbh  engaged the teachers in fun games Khushi Kumar,  Ritika Gaikwad, Anushka Bora,  Sakshi Jadhav shared beautiful poem expressing gratitude for their teachers. A guessing game with characters resembling teachers was planned and executed by Shweta Salve, . Shruti Shinde  Shatakshi Salunke and Smriti Prasad . Vedangi Kale, Mrudvika Nasikkar mesmerized the teachers with their lovely song. Aryan Shelar expressed his gratitude by sharing a video made by him. The event culminated by a vote of thanks given by Shravani Chandwadkar and Shruti Chandwadkar The whole event was anchored very well by Divij Kulkarni, Kasturi Ghuge, Mrudvika Nasikkar, Rudra Agalave. Krishna Singh supported with all the required technical guidance. All students contributed in their best ways to make this teachers day a memorable chapter in this crucial pandemic period. The event was an excellent exemplar of students completely being the owners of the show.  Mrs.Suvarna Patil supported with the required logistics. In spite of not being physically able to be in touch with each other, collaboration and coordination were impeccable. 

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