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    Rasbiharian celebrate the “Hindi Divas” by being a part of a series of activities.

    “Hindi is the soul of the Indian Culture.” It is said that Hindi language is used as a medium of communication since the 12th Century. Hindi is ranked at 4th place as the most popular spoken native language in world.  To showcase the importance of the day and the language, Hindi Divas was celebrated at Rasbihari International School with a great enthusiasm. Teachers and students discussed the importance of Hindi language during their online classes sharing relevant examples.  Students were involved into various activities which provided scope for them to exhibit their confidence and presentation skills. The aim of these activities was to encourage the students to appreciate the language through various activities like read and listen poems, articles, stories in Hindi language. Our tiny tots of pre-primary presented Hindi rhymes in correct rhythm and with actions. Students from grade 6 to 10 participated in Hindi slogan writing, essay writing and poem recitation activities.  This facilitated them to increase their list of vocabulary and creative writing skills.   Mast. Aditej Deore from class 10, Ms. Arya Mishra and Ms. Aanya Agrawal explained the importance of Hindi language through a video presentation. Hindi teacher Ragini Mishra and Sandeep Holkar supported the students to celebrate this day.   For the Preprimary Section Class teachers Vaishali Pote, Rupali Javle, Nita Kulkarni and Vaishali Endit supported the students to celebrate this day.

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