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    Grade 6 engaged in inquiry about healthy life and its impact on one’s body.

    Rasbihari International school organized a guest lecture on September 30, 2020, for Grade 6 to inquire and understand about the body movements, types of joints, the function of joints and bones, and how to maintain a healthy life.       

    Dr. Amol Mahajan, Director of Aditi Ayurved Clinic, ensured that our Rasbiharian curious minds are addressed. He shared lots of examples explaining the movements of the body. Though it was a virtual class, the interaction was so lively that it felt as if they were interacting face to face. The students were excited to have the guest lecture and had a set of questions ready with them. The students were comfortable and posed their questions as Dr. Amol made a lot of connections with real-life and encouraged every child to ask his/her query. The explanation and terminologies were explained in a very simple language so that the students could relate it with their day to day life.

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