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    Tiny tots of Rasbihari exhibit their creativity by performing hands on activities during the virtual classes.

    The pre- primary students were engaged in hands on activities planned by the teachers during their virtual classes. Students created a variety of animals like peacock, octopus, turtle, etc using a variety of art and craft material such as craft paper. 

    The purpose of the activity was to enable students to keenly observe , develop sensory skills and understand the different shapes and colors. 

    Students enjoyed learning by doing using colorful papers, drawing eyes, making tentacles on the octopus , counting hands of octopus, counting black spots on turtle.  

    Mast. Vishnu Patil shared information on our national bird Peacock and Mast. Shlok Pawar information on that turtle. Students also enjoyed doing messy play using water colours for fork-painting.  

    Finger puppets of farm-animals were made, students shared information on farm animals. It was a great learning experience where Math, Science, Language and Arts were so well integrated. 

    The parents thanked the school for providing the learning kit which helped them make learning easier at home. 

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