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    COVID-19 Awareness and safety precaution measures

    To create awareness about Covid-19 safety and precautions amongst children, various activities were integrated with the classroom learning.  Teachers shared various animated videos and videos of  the favorite   cartoon characters of children like chota bheem to explain the students about Covid-19 in a simple and easy manner. ‘The Lion and the mouse story’ was represented in an innovative form  in the reading session. In this story  the lion and the mouse talked about maintaining  social distancing, washing hands at regular intervals and wearing a mask. Similarly, an animated video on  use of mask and prevention of  spread of Corona virus was shown to the students. During  the virtual classes students were shown presentation about how the Covid-19 virus affects the body and the respiratory system. COVID- Appropriate Behavior” concept  was explained to them by the teachers.  In order to emphasis  on their views students also shared their reflections about Covid-19 and demonstrated the steps for wash hands. Using their creativity and IT skills as well as knowledge acquired at school, students made  creative digital posters, poems for spreading awareness about Covid-19 during their online covid integration programme. Through various tools they’ve presented the protocols of the “New Normal” especially in view of the upcoming festivals and opening up of the economy. Even through online forum, it still added lot of energy and enthusiasm in the participation of the students.

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