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    Children’s Day celebrated at Rasbihari International School

    A week- long celebration was organized on the occasion of Children’s Day at Rasbihari International School. The day, which is also the birth anniversary of  Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru,  our first Prime Minister, is celebrated  as a tribute to him, for his relentless effort to increase awareness of the rights, care and education of children as children’s day.

    Students enthusiastically participated in a series of  activities such as recitation of poems based on children’s day, writing letter  to Pandit Nehru whom the children fondly called Chacha  Nehru. Students also actively participated in an activity ‘ I am Pandit Nehru speaking” were they dressed like Pandit Nehru and expressed their views on today’s education and rights of children.

    Teachers organized a fun-filled day for the students by conducting various games such as “pass on the action”, tongue twisters, making an action chain, memory games etc. They were elated to see their teachers performing mimicry of students  and adding a fun element to the celebration. The students were also shown short film- “The class of rowdies” in their online class. Even though students missed the actual fun of celebrating  the children’s day in school, the teachers pushed the edge to make it a memorable experience through online celebration for them.

     The students enjoyed all the activities and expressed their excitement as the online celebration came to be  a pleasant surprise for  them.

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