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    FIT India- Rasbiharians celebrated Fitness month

    School is the first place where habits are formed. School children should be encouraged to indulge in active field time during school hours involving fitness and sports activities. This will instil in students the understanding for regular physical activity and higher levels of fitness, thus enhancing self-esteem and confidence in them.

    Rasbihari celebrated Fitness month in the school to inculcate healthy habits in students, teachers and parents. The main objective of the movement was to encourage students to reduce the screen time and to increase active field time.

    We had a session of yoga for students. In this session students were taught the benefits of yoga and under trained instructor they learnt many ‘Asanas’ which help them increasing their concentration,mental fitness and physical fitness.

    Our sport instructor gave a guideline and demonstrated few exercise which can be conducted at home using basic things available at home to develop muscular endurance.

    School’s trained instructor for aerobics took aerobic sessions for students on a regular basis.During fitness week celebration also Parent aerobics sessions were also conducted. Aerobics is a rhythmic exercise which is very good for cardiovascular fitness, it is very much liked by students and parents as it includes music and some dance steps.Students as well as parents took active participation and learnt benefits of doing aerobics on a regular basis.

    Our Science teachers took a session for students on healthy diet which will keep them healthy and fit. Debate on healthy diet, its importance and how we can include was a part of teaching and learning sessions. Students came up with healthy diet chart for themselves which will enhance their immunity system and health. They shared how we need to reduce or stay away from aerated drinks, junk food and fried food which may damage their bones and liver.

    In the English classes students wrote essay / poem on theme “Fitness beats pandemic” , advertisement on ‘Hum fit toh India Fit” and few of them wrote a letter addressing youth of nation focusing on “Power of Fitness”.

    A poster making competition on theme  “Hum Fit Toh India Fit” or “New India Fit India”was organized in the school for the classes6th to 8th. Students made beautiful posters on A-4 size sheet depicting various ways to keep themselves fit.

    Schools are potentially attractive settings in which to promote positive health behaviors because students spend large amounts of time in the school environment. Fitness and exercise play an important role in the development and education of children. Not only does regular exercise encourage kids to get off of the couch to interact with the world around them, it also helps improve their concentration and attention both inside the classroom as well as when learning at home. Stay fit Stay healthy.

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