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    Rasbiharians excel in International Informatics Olympiad (iIO20), Smart Kid G.K Olympiad (SKGK2020) International Science Olympiad (iOS20), International Olympiad of Mathematics (iOM2O)

    Rasbihari International School is extremely proud of the efforts put by the students in the International Informatics Olympiad (iIO20) and Smart Kid G.K Olympiad (SKGK2020). 

     The students have  won a gold medal, silver medal and a special achievement certificate  The achievements of the students are as follows:

    Ms. Kavya Deore,  Ms. Snehal Landg, Mst. Viraj Garud, Mst. Sanil Landge bagged a gold medal and  Mst.Pranav Graud bagged a  silver medal  in International Informatics Olympiad (iIO20).

    Ms. Kavya Deore,  Ms. Snehal Landge, , Mst. Sanil Landge bagged gold medal, and  Mst.Pranav Graud bagged silver medal and  Mst. Viraj Garud bagged a special achievement certificate in Smart Kid G.K Olympiad (SKGK2020). 

    Ms. Siddhi Deore, Mst. Yajat Patil, Ms. Vrunda Vyaapre ,  Ms.Snehal Landge, Mst. Sanil Landge, Ms. Arpita Waghmare, Mst. Viraj Garud  bagged a Gold medal, Ms. Kavya Deore bagged a Silver medal,  Mst. Divyam Rajpoot,  Mst.Aarav Nirgude bagged Bronze Medal and  Mst. Pranav Garud special achievement, in International Science Olympiad (iOS20),

    Ms. Kavya Deore Ms. Ojaswi Waghmare Ms. Snehal Landge Mst. Sanil Landge  bagged Gold medal,  Mst. Aarav Nirgude, Mst. Divyam Rajpoot, Ms. Siddhi Deore bagged  Silver Medal, Ms. Vrunda Vypare has bagged  Bronze medal, and  Mst. Yajat Patil, Mst. Viraj Garud, Ms. Pranav Garud have received Special Participation certificates. This Olympiad is organized every year by SilverZone at Rasbihari International School. The school provides a platform to the students to showcase their intellectual talent by conducting this examination. The students have exhibited their intellectual skills and have come up with flying colours

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