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    Rasbiharians Celebrate the World Music Day

    All over the world, June 21 is celebrated as ‘World Music Day’. It is also known as ‘Fete de la Musique’ in French and Make Music Day as well. 

    Music has the power to do just about anything. It has the ability to make you feel emotions that you may have been connected to before. Not only that, music is able to heal you during the worst of times. 

    For tons of music lovers around the world, this is a special day. It honours musicians around the world and their contribution towards making everything all that more melodious. The existence of various genres in music does not only indicate variety but it also a reflection of the history and culture

    If you are someone who enjoys singing or playing music, go ahead and record a song. Put that on social media and experience the love that comes your way. Music is divine. It can make you forget all your worries and take you to another world altogether.

    Wish you a Happy World Music Day!!

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